Taiwan FinTech Association

The disruptive innovation brought about by FinTech is reshaping the financial industry. FinTech, the fusion of the financial industry and the technology industry, is the catalyst for cross-industry and cross-domain integration, new business model innovations, new rules for competition, and a new data-driven economy.  To embrace the challenges and opportunities, the Taiwan FinTech Association (TFTA) was founded in February, 2017 by more than a hundred companies and professionals. Its multifarious members (including financial institutions, FinTech companies, IT companies, universities, research institutions, law makers, formal ministers, and FSC officials) make a collaborative FinTech ecosystem possible. Through this FinTech ecosystem, we hope to stipulate disruptive innovation, share fruits of the innovation, create benign competition, collaborate with other industries, improve capabilities and competitiveness of the Taiwanese FinTech industry.

1. Eligibility: Any company, group or individual (over 20 years old) who agrees with the purpose of this association is interested in Fintech is welcome to join.   

2. Please fill in the application form. Please choose either one of the individual member or group member.

3. Please pay the administration fee and annual fees after your application is approved by the board of directors and supervisors. Annual fees are charged on a quarterly basis. For those who join after April 1st, 75% of the annual fee will be charged; for those who join after July 1st, 50% will be charged; for those who join after October 1st, 25% of the annual fee will be paid together with the next year annual fee together.

   ※  Examples (Join after July 1)

  •    An individual member, please pay NTD 7,500 (administration fee 5,000 and annual fee 2,500)
  •    An enterprise member(Type III), Please pay NTD 30,000 (administration fee 20,000 and 12-year annual fees 60,000)
  •    A permanent individual member, please pay NTD 65,000 (administration fee 5,000 and annual fee 10,000)
  •    A permanent enterprise member, please pay NTD 260,000 (administration fee 20,000 and annual fee 240,000)

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