Taiwan FinTech Association

The disruptive innovation brought about by FinTech is reshaping the financial industry. FinTech, the fusion of the financial industry and the technology industry, is the catalyst for cross-industry and cross-domain integration, new business model innovations, new rules for competition, and a new data-driven economy.  To embrace the challenges and opportunities, the Taiwan FinTech Association (TFTA) was founded in February, 2017 by more than a hundred companies and professionals. Its multifarious members (including financial institutions, FinTech companies, IT companies, universities, research institutions, law makers, formal ministers, and FSC officials) make a collaborative FinTech ecosystem possible. Through this FinTech ecosystem, we hope to stipulate disruptive innovation, share fruits of the innovation, create benign competition, collaborate with other industries, improve capabilities and competitiveness of the Taiwanese FinTech industry.





By collaborating the financial industry and the FinTech industry, we can create higher value for customers, and shape better developing environment for Fintech.


Build a bridge for communication among the government, financial industry and FinTech industry.

Promote international exchanges and cooperation and lead the FinTech ecosystem for service innovation.

Share the achievement of the innovation, create benign competition, raise the competitiveness and energy of the Taiwanese FinTech industry.


Fintech Regulation

Technology Expert

Innovative Application

Cooperative Promotion & Membership Services

Conducting researches on policies and regulatory suggestions that balance both innovative business development as well as supervision requirements. 

Establishing a friendly environment for the Taiwan Fintech industry and financial transformation.

Detecting Fintech trends and acquiring the professional knowledge to enhance the international competitiveness.

Organizing speeches, conferences, forums, research projects and training courses regarding Fintech. Gathering the products and services provided by members and unifying marketing to jointly explore business opportunities at home and abroad.

Facilitating the cross-industry and cross-domain collaboration between members to develop inventive Fintech applications and stimulate financial innovative transformation.

RegTech & InfoSec


Big Data & AI

Blockchain Alliance

Open API Standard

Financial Institution Transformation

Fintech Start-ups Alliance

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency SRO

ICO Transparency

Exploring the trends of Fintech AI technology, as well as the domestic application opportunities and the strategies of big data analytics. Building the collaboration between the industries, the academies, and the research organizations.

Building widely accessible, cooperative and cocreating blockchain infrastructure. Promoting the development and the successful cases of blockchain innovative applications and start-ups companies.