Blockchain & Cryptocurrency SRO

  為促進成員發揚自律精神、恪遵法令規定、提昇商業道德並建立市場紀律,以保障各成員、投資人及 使用者之權益,並促進區塊鏈產業之繁榮、引導加密貨幣正向發展,而組成本自律組織,驅策本自律組織之成員信守自律原則。




  • Abiding by the rules : Understanding and abiding by the self-regulations and the associated rules and regulations as stipulated by the supervisory/regulatory authorities. Behaviors in the form of self violations or aiding and abetting others in violating the rules and regulations are strictly prohibited.


2、 忠實誠信原則:禁止有誤導、虛偽、詐欺、利益衝突、足致他人誤信之行為。

  • Trustworthiness and Integrity : Members must desist from behaviors that misguide, falsify, defraud, conflict with, and as a consequence, causing mistrust on the part of other market participants.


3、 善良管理原則:盡善良管理人之責任及注意,強化系統安全、個人資料保護,並提供最佳之服務。

  • Prudent Administration :  Prudent administrators are obligated to exercise the due cares and accountabilities expected of them in strengthening systems robustness, protecting of data security and providing the best possible services.


4、 公開透明原則:須適時提供投資人、使用者充足、透明及最新之資訊,並告知投資人投資之風險, 以利投資人從事投資決定。並鼓勵自動揭露額外訊息,協助投資人做更佳之決策。

  • Open and Transparent : To enable investors to make adequate investment decisions, timely information must be provided to them, availing them of sufficient, transparent and most up-to-date information, while making sure they understand the associated risks. Additional information is also encouraged to be made available to them which is aimed at enabling the investors to make the optimal decisions.


5、保密原則:妥慎使用投資人及使用者資料,禁止洩露機密資訊或有不當使用之情事,藉以建立信 賴之基礎。

  • Confidentiality : Adequate care should be exercised to utilizing investors and consumers’ data. To help establish a foundation of trust with the aforementioned parties, the members are prohibited from revealing confidential or using in an improper manner their information.



  • Fair Competition : Wanton destruction of competitors’ reputations, of common interests, or other types of unethical competition should be avoided.

 以此宣言誌之,本自律組織之所有成員將致力於高標準的行為準則,促進區塊鏈及加密貨幣產業之 共榮共好,建構守序、良善的市場環境。